Welcome to Custom Kings

Your Destination for Custom Printing in Southland Mall !

Looking for high-quality Custom Apparels? Custom Kings offers a wide range of options, including Custom T-shirt printing, Custom Hoodies, and even Custom Embroidery.


Welcome to Custom Kings

Discover the Best in Custom Printing at Custom Kings Store in Southland Mall !

With a passion for quality and a knack for innovation, we specialize in Custom Printing and Custom Embroidery. From Personalized T-Shirts to Custom Hats, each product is a canvas for your imagination.


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Custom Kings Located in: Southland Mall

Unleash Your Style at Custom Kings in Southland Mall!

Tired of blending in? Step into Custom Kings at Southland Mall and step out in style! Our passion lies in crafting custom-made clothing that stands out from the crowd. From statement Custom T-shirts to eye-catching Hoodies, we offer an array of personalized apparel options. Express yourself the way you deserve, only at Custom Kings.


"Unleash Your Creativity, We'll Craft Your Crown!"

At Custom Kings, we're all about empowering your imagination. Our tagline, "Unleash Your Creativity, We'll Craft Your Crown," signifies our dedication to turning your ideas into regal reality. Your designs are more than just patterns – they're expressions of your uniqueness. Join us at Custom Kings, where your style takes center stage.

When you step inside our doors, you're greeted by a team of creative collaborators. Beyond printing, we're partners in your artistic journey. Equipped with cutting-edge tech and top-notch materials, we pledge to infuse your vision onto the medium of your choice.

Icon Tshirts

Stay cool and express yourself with our personalized tshirts, perfect for showcasing your unique designs.

Icon Hoodies

Elevate comfort and style with our custom hoodies, designed to warm both your body and your creativity.


Wrap yourself in cosy creativity with our custom crewneck sweatshirts, a canvas for your imagination.

Icon Hats

Top off your look with our custom hats, where fashion meets personal expression in every stitch.

Icon Mugs

Sip your favourite beverage from a mug as unique as you are, adorned with your custom designs.

Icon Stickers

Add personality to your belongings with our custom stickers, a small touch that speaks volumes about you.

"Crafting Your Vision, Regally."

Custom Kings transforms ideas into vivid creations through advanced screen printing. From Memorial to Graphic Tees, we offer lasting, attention-grabbing personalized apparel, perfect for events or corporate wear. Unleash your uniqueness by designing custom logos.

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"Personalized Excellence, Found Here."

Discover the realm of customized perfection at Custom Kings, Southland Mall. Our expertise lies in turning your ideas into reality. Don't hesitate – step in today and embrace the pleasure of donning custom-made apparel that echoes your style and persona. Count on us to breathe life into your design dreams with unparalleled craftsmanship and superior quality!

Free In-Person Design Help

Receive Complimentary In-Person Design Assistance for personalized t-shirts featuring custom screen printing, distinctive designs, and tailored clothing.

24-Hours Turnaround

Secure your custom t-shirt rapidly with our 24-hour turnaround on available inventory. Say hi to swift custom screen printing!

No Minimums & Setup Fees

Embrace the liberty of no minimum orders or setup charges for custom screen printing. Print 1 shirt or 500 shirts with ease!

Satisfied Clients, Unforgettable Experiences

Explore the delight of our content customers, whose dreams we transformed into reality. Be part of those proudly showcasing their unique narratives with iCustom's exceptional custom printing.

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